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Put on-line by Lionel Rechignat, Lionel Salmon

Switchable Molecular Materials


Introduction, research themes

The “Molecular Physical Properties” group has been created in January 2003 and changed its name to “Switchable Molecular Materials” in september 2006. The group conducts its research along four main lines

Bistable molecular compounds with switchable physical properties (magnetic, optical, electrical): physical measurements, theoretical approaches and applications. A special emphasis is placed on spin-crossover molecular materials.

Size reduction effects (nano-objects and thin films) on the physical properties of molecular materials. Development of optical technics for the detection of nanometric single objects. Construction of devices (memories, sensors, etc.).

Development of physical and spectroscopic measurements under high hydrostatic pressure (10 kbar), in intense pulsed magnetic field (60 Tesla), under light irradiation (UV-VIS-NIR), at low-temperatures (2 K) and their combinations.

Theoritical approach of equilibrium and dynamical properties of spin transition, introduction, analytical and numerical studies of new elastic models, spatio-temporal aspects analysis of nucleation and domain growth processes using Monte Carlos methods, finite size effects study on thermodynamical and critical properties of spin crossover materials... .

Permanent Staff (01/01/2011)

Azzedine BOUSSEKSOU, Directeur de Recherche, CNRS (Responsable)

azzedine.bousseksou at
+33 5 61 33 31 69

Gabor MOLNAR, Directeur de Recherche, CNRS

gabor.molnar at
+33 5 61 33 31 90

Lionel SALMON, Directeur de Recherche, CNRS

lionel.salmon at
+33 5 61 33 31 78

William NICOLAZZI, Maître de Conférences, UPS

william.nicolazzi at
+33 5 61 33 32 43

Léa GODARD, Technicienne CNRS

lea.godard at
+33 5 61 33 32 43

Non-permanent Staff (01/01/2016)

Marlène BRANCA, Engineer (Chemistry)

Vincent DAVESNE, Engineer (Physics)

Yuri SULEYMANOV, Post doc (Chemistry)

Karl RIDIER, Post doc (Physics)

Mirko MIKOLASEK, PhD student (Theory)

Sylvain RAT, PhD student (Chemistry)

Dolores MANRIQUE, PhD student, (Nanophysics)

Alin BAS, PhD student (Physics, Nanophysics)

Remi VICENTE, Master student (Theory)


HIGHLIGHTS (fichier pdf)

Azzedine Bousseksou, has been elected on December the 10th at the Académie des Sciences (France).


PUBLICATIONS 2003 - 2013 (fichier pdf)

Re-appearance of cooperativity in ultra-small spin crossover [Fe(pz)Ni(CN)4] nanoparticles, Haonan Peng, Simon Tricard, Gautier Félix, Gábor Molnár, William Nicolazzi, Lionel Salmon, Azzedine Bousseksou, Angew. Chem., 2014, 53, 10894.



Contract with the Agence National de la Recherche : NANOHYBRID (2014-2017): Bistable hybride nanostructures


COLLABORATIONS (fichier pdf)



Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination

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