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Mise en ligne effectuee par Isabelle Malfant

Molécules et Composites pour l’Optique (MCO)

Equipe "Molécules et Composites pour l’Optique"


Isabelle Malfant, Professeur, UPS, Responsable d’équipe
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Pascal G. Lacroix, Directeur de Recherche CNRS
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Isabelle Sasaki, Chargée de Recherche CNRS
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Bénédicte de Bonneval, Maître de Conférences, UPS
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Marine Tasse, Technicienne chimiste
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The design and characterization of new molecular photoactive materials are at the heart of our group. The materials currently under consideration have mainly interesting properties for nonlinear optical switching, optical storage (photochromic), and photodynamic therapy.

Keywords : Ruthenium complexes - Nitrosyl ligand - Optical data storage - Photodynamic Therapy - Two Photon Absorption- Non linear Optics - Molecular Switching - Photochromism -

Ruthenium Nitrosyl Systems

The ruthenium nitrosyl complexes offer a large variety of physical-chemical properties. In particular, they are of great interest in optical data storage as well as for therapeutic applications.

NO Photorelease

The ruthenium nitrosyl complexes have the property to release NO upon irradiation which is very important for therapeutic applications. Indeed, the NO molecule (Nobel Price of medecine in 1998) is involved in several physiological processes (blood pressure regulation, neurotransmission, cancer cells treatment,….). Nevertheless, NO has also the ability to induce apoptosis (cell death) in healthy cells. Development of site-specific NO donors is therefore beneficial in selective killing malignant cells. Phototriggered NO release provides one such strategy. Our strategy is based on the use of appropriate two photon absorption (TPA) antenna.

[RuIIL5NO]n+/- + H2O -> [RuIIIL5-H2O]n+/- + NO

A recent example of promising system obtained in the group is shown below. It is a complex in which the fluorenyl-terpyridine (FT) ligand is selected as a potential candidate for bringing the ruthenium complex with additional TPA capabilities.

Photoinduced Linkage Isomerisation

These complexes are characterized by the existence of long-lived metastable states (t > 107s) for specific irradiation at a temperature close to ambient temperature. The different states have different Ru-NO conformations which are responsible for a high change in the refractive index, a very important parameter for holographic data storage. [RuCl(py)4(NO)](PF6)2.1/2H2O (py=pyridine) complex studied previously in the group is high of interest because of its complete molecular photoswitching at the solid state.

Our results show that such photochromic composites could be obtained when the complexes are embedded in polymer or silica matrices.

Xerogel of [RuCl(py)4(NO)](PF6)2.1/2H2O, WO 2010/081977 A1 Patent, 22 juillet 2010

NLO Materials

Multi-functional materials and molecular switches have long been a traditional interest of our research. Along this line, the possibility to switch the NLO response of a molecule in an hybrid material by mean of any additional function (e.g. magnetic, conducting or photochromic properties) is investigated. Our expertise is based on computational chemistry, which has become an important tool for providing the efficient guidelines required by synthetic chemistry and physics, to target the microscopic origin of the NLO effects. Among various possibilities, switches can be obtained by :

- Optical effect through the total NLO extinction obtained after Ru-NO -> Ru-ON isomerization in specific molecules selected by computational methods.

- Magnetic effect through a spin crossover phenomenon, in Iron(II) metal complexes, like in the [Fe(Tren)]2+ system shown below, where the magnetic (χM) vs. NLO response (IHRS) correlation is clearly established.

The [Fe(Tren)]2+ cation subjected to a spin crossover phenomenon between 200 and 300 K

These investigations are based on a fruitful network of collaborations (Bordeaux, Valence, Kiev, Mexico).

Selected Publications - Patents


" Two-step photon absorption driving the chemical reaction in the model ruthenium nitrosyl system [Ru(py)4Cl(NO)](PF6)2.1/2H2O"
Liya Khadeeva, Wawrzyniec Kaszub, Maciej Lorenc, Isabelle Malfant,Marylise Buron-Le Cointe
Inorg. Chem. 2016, 55,9, 4117-4123

"Nonlinear optics in coordination chemistry : an open door towards multi- functional materials and molecular switches"
Pascal G. Lacroix, Isabelle Malfant, Christine Lepetit
Coord. Chem. Rev., 2016, 2016, 55,308, 381-394

"Recent uses of Kröhnke methodology : a short survey"
Isabelle Sasaki
Synthesis 2016, accepted


" Establishing the two—‐photon linkage isomerization mechanism in the nitrosyl complex trans—‐[RuCl(NO)(py)4]2+ by DFT and TDDFT"
Juan Sanz García, Fabienne Alary, Martial Boggio‐Pasqua, Isabelle M. Dixon, Isabelle Malfant, Jean‐Louis Heully
Inorg. Chem. 2015, 54, 8310-8318

" Light induced nonlinear optical switch in boronated chromophores : a theoretical search towards high contrast switches in the azobenzene series"
Norberto Farfan, Cristina C. Jiménez, Margarita Romero-Avila, Rosa Santillan, Isabelle Malfant, Pascal Lacroix
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 2015, 799-800, 215-222

" The simple production of nonsymmetric quaterpyridines through Krôhnke pyridine synthesis"
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"Comparative photo-release of nitric oxide from isomers of substituted terpyridinenitrosylruthenium(II) complexes : experimental and computational investigations."
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"The Amide bridge in Donor-Acceptor Systems : Delocalization Depends on Push-Pull Stress"
Mauricio, Maldonado-Domínguez, Rafael Arcos-Ramos, Margarita Romero, Blas Flores-Pérez, Norberto Farfán, *Rosa Santillan, Pascal Lacroix, Isabelle Malfant
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"Heteroleptic bis(cis-1,2-disubstituted ethylene-1,2-dithiolato)nickel complexes obtained by ligand-exchange reaction : Synthesis and Properties"
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"Molecular materials for switchable nonlinear optics in solid state, based on Ruthenium-nitrosyl complexes"
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"Compositions of photoswitchable materials"
I. Malfant, B. Cormary
Patent, WO 2013/083920 A1, 13/06/2013

"Medical or therapeutic application of a composite material of ruthenium with a nitrosyl ligand"
I. Malfant, B. Cormary
Patent WO 2013/083921 A1, 13/06/2013

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