International Symposium on Molecular Materials
Chemistry, Solid State Physics,Theory, Nanotechnology
From Molecule to Molecular Device
Toulouse, July 8-11th 2008

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 GENERAL INFORMATION                                                                                                                                       Second circular: download here


It is a great pleasure to invite you to Toulouse to attend the third International Symposium on Molecular Materials based on Chemistry, Solid State Physics, Theory and Nanotechnology after the success of the first and second editions held in Rennes (May 2004) and in Lyon (June 2006), respectively.

The MolMat symposium's aim is to gather different research topics from synthesis to Solid State Physics, Nanotechnology and Theory of molecular materials based on organic, inorganic and organometallic chemistry.

Special focus will be on:
Magnetism, Photo-Magnetism and Nano-Magnetism
Switchable Molecular Materials
Thin films and Nano-Structuration
Conducting Molecular Materials
Dielectric Properties
Non-linear Optics
Liquid Crystals
Luminescence and Electroluminescence
Statistical and Quantum Theories
International Scientific Board:
Véronique Guerchais (Rennes, France)
Hubert Le Bozec (Rennes, France)
Dominique Luneau (Lyon, France)
Azzedine Bousseksou (Toulouse, France)
J. A. Gareth Williams (Durham, UK)
Amilra Prasanna De Silva (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Petra Van Koningsbruggen (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Christian Reber (Montréal, Canada)
Robert Deschenaux (Neuchâtel, Switzerland)
Dominique Roberto (Milan, Italy)

Organizing committee:
Azzedine Bousseksou (Chair, LCC)
Dominique de Caro (LCC)
Philippe Demont (CIRIMAT)
Christophe Faulmann (LCC)
Michel Goiran (LNCMP)
Nathalie Guihéry (IRSAMC)
Isabelle Malfant (LCC)
Gabor Molnar (LCC)
Marc Respaud (INSA)
Lionel Salmon (LCC)
Isabelle Sasaki (LCC)
Christophe Vieu (LAAS)

Invited conferences will give an overview of research developped on these topics.

This edition is jointly organized by CIRIMAT, IRSAMC, LAAS, LCC, LNCMP, LPCNO

The symposium will be held at the University Paul Sabatier -   Campus de Rangueil, Toulouse, France.

We look forward to seeing you in Toulouse!


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