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An hydrogen-bonded open framework with pores decorated by pyridyl groups has been constructed in the S team following an off-charge-stoichiometry assemblage of protonated tetrakis(4-pyridyl-oxymethyl)methane and [Al(oxalate)3]3-, respectively the H-bond donor and acceptor of the ionic H-bond interactions. This supramolecular porous architecture (SPA-2) possesses 1 nm-large pores interconnected in 3D with high solvent accessible void (53%). It demonstrated remarkable affinity for acidic organic molecules in solution, which was investigated by the means of various carboxylic acids including larger drug molecules. Noteworthy, competing sorption between acetic acid and its halogenated homologues evidenced good selectivity of the porous material for the halogenated acids.

Article reference : Hydrogen-Bonded Open-Framework with Pyridyl-Decorated Channels : Straightforward Preparation and Insight into its Affinity for Acidic Molecules in Solution.
G. Mouchaham, N. Roques, W. Khodja, C. Duhayon, Y. Coppel, S. Brandès, T. Fodor, M. Meyer, J.-P. Sutter Chem. Eur. J. 2017, 23, 11818-11826