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Conférence Dr Emilie Mathieu,
LCC équipe F

Vendredi 26 novembre 2021 à 11h - Auditorium Fernand Gallais

"Metals in biology : From biological activities and imaging to catalysis"

Dr Emilie Mathieu

How to link the subcellular location of metal complexes to their biological activity ? How to design luminescent probes for biological imaging ? And how to build functional metallo-enzymes that reproduce or go beyond the reactivities found in Nature ? These questions will be explored through selected examples from my PhD and postdocs research works to highlight some of the challenges faced in the field of bioinorganic chemistry.

First, the study on a cellular model of oxidative stress of manganese(II) complexes mimicking superoxide dismutases will be presented, with a focus on the techniques used to unravel the metal complex speciation, accumulation, and subcellular location.
Then, works on the redox and luminescent properties of lanthanide(III) complexes will serve as an example to present a luminescence quenching pathway, photo- induced electron transfer, and to show how its control is achievable and can lead to brighter luminescent probes.

Finally, the design of artificial enzymes will be addressed. The advantages they may represent in catalysis will be discussed through ongoing research on the development of copper-peptides complexes as catalysts for Michael addition reaction. Their use as enzyme mimics will be presented based on former work on copper superoxide dismutase mimics and current work on lanthanide methanol dehydrogrenases mimics.