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  • Homogeneous Catalysis
    Permanent Researchers : O. Dechy-Cabaret, M. Gouygou (Scientific Coordinator), P. Kalck, C. Le Berre, P. Serp, M. Urrutigoïty, J. Volkman.

    This theme concerns the development of molecular catalysts, efficient and selective for involvement in the synthesis of molecules of interest. Strategy developed is based on the understanding of catalytic mechanisms to synthesize ligands suitable for the coordination sphere of the metal center in order to develop high-performance complexes.

  • Supported Homogeneous Catalysis
    Permanent Researchers : O. Dechy-Cabaret, J. Durand (Scientific Coordinator), M. Gouygou, P. Serp, J. Volkman.

    This second theme is the functionalization of different materials for the development of new tools, including chemical synthesis, resulting in the immobilization of catalytic phases.

  • Nanocatalysis
    Permanent Researchers : M. R. Axet, J. Durand, P. Serp (Scientific Coordinator).

    This third theme is the synthesis and the understanding of composition-structure-activity relationship of heterogeneous catalysts combining two nanostructured phases (active phase and material). An important part of this work focuses on nanostructured carbon materials. <br<
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