Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination UPR 8241

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Funds and programmes (since 2010)

  • China Schorlarship Council project: Design and properties of biocompatible phosphorus dendrimers to tackle cancers.
    French coordinator: Jean Pierre Majoral 2016-2019

  • Programme COFECUB CAPES (french-brazilian): Development of nanovectors for the treatment of pathologies of the central nervous system.
    French coordinator: Muriel Blanzat (Toulouse)
    Partner: Cédric-Olivier Turrin 2016-2018

  • Project VML : New polypharmacophoric dendrimers for an innovative dual therapeutic strategy against Gaucher disease.
    Coordinator: Yves Génisson (Toulouse)
    Partner: Cédric-Olivier Turrin 2016-2018

  • CEFIPRA (french-indian): Preparation of original phosphorus dendrimers against pulmonary tuberculosis.
    French coordinator: Anne-Marie Caminade, co-coordinators: Serge Mignani, Jean Pierre Majoral 2015-2018

  • Network GDRI HC3A: Hetero-elements and Coordination Chemistry: from the Concept to Applications.
    Coordinator: Montserat Gomez (Toulouse)
    Team manager: Anne-Marie Caminade 2015-2018

  • ANR PRTS TREE-DRUG: Development of a drug-candidate: a phosphorus-based dendrimer with anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulatory properties.
    Coordinator: Rémy Poupot (Toulouse)
    Partner: Cédric-Olivier Turrin 2014-2017

  • Network Marie Curie Actions People International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (PIRSES): NANOGEN EU –Belarus-Russia Network in Nanomaterials-Driven Anti-Cancer gene therapy.
    French coordinator: Jean Pierre Majoral 2014-2016

  • Network COST CM1302 SIPs: Smart Inorganic Polymers.
    Coordinator: Evamarie Hey-Hawkins (Germany)
    Leader Working group 2: Anne-Marie Caminade 2013-2017

  • China Schorlarship Council project: Design, synthesis and characterization of new organic semi-conductors for photovoltaics.
    PhD thesis advisor: Kathleen Moineau-Chane Ching 2013-2016

  • IDEX University of Toulouse Programme « Nouveaux Entrants » Aurélien Hameau 2013

  • FRM Chemistry for Medicine: Search for the specific receptor(s) of a phosphorus dendrimer, immuno-modulator drug-candidate.
    Coordinator: Anne-Marie Caminade 2011-2015

  • ANR COPPERTREE: anti-biofilm treatment of surfaces by multilayer deposition of dendrimers and copper nanoparticles.
    Coordinator: Cédric-Olivier Turrin 2011-2015

  • CONACyT Scholarship: Organic Photovoltaics: study of the morphology of thin films; design, synthesis and study of small organic molecules.
    PhD thesis advisor: Kathleen Moineau-Chane Ching 2011-2015

  • Contrat COMUE-Région Midi-Pyrénées: Organic Photovoltaics: study of electronic interactions at organic heterojunction interfaces.
    PhD thesis advisor: Kathleen Moineau-Chane Ching 2011-2015

  • ANR Click-unclick: Assembly/disassembly of innovative prodrug systems through a strategy of Click-Unclick chemistry.
    Coordinator: Oleg Melnyk (Lille)
    Partner: Anne-Marie Caminade 2011-2014

  • ANR RPIB 2011 DENDRI’MS: Treatment of multiple sclerosis by an immuno-modulator phosphorus dendrimer.
    Coordinator: Rémy Poupot (Toulouse)
    Partner: Anne-Marie Caminade 2011-2014

  • CE FP7 SUDOE Interreg IVB, SOE2/P1/E341 CliNK: New immunotherapy protocols: The production of activated NK cells for clinical use.
    Coordinator: Alberto Anel (Spain)
    Team manager: Anne-Marie Caminade 2011-2013

  • GDR Electronique Organique N° 3368.
    Coordinator: Lionel Hirsch (Bordeaux)
    Member of the steering committee : Kathleen Moineau-Chane Ching 2010-2018
  • ANR International French-German DENDSWITCH: Stimuli-responsive dendrimers. Towards tunable catalysts.
    French coordinator: Anne-Marie Caminade (Evamarie Hey-Hawkins in Germany) 2010-2013

  • ANR Emergence INNO-THER-RA: Phosphorus-containing dendrimers: innovating molecules for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.
    Coordinator: Rémy Poupot (Toulouse)
    Partner: Anne-Marie Caminade 2010-2013

  • EuroNanomed European Innovative RTD project proposals in Nanomedicine DENPEPT HIV: Peptide-associated dendrimers in dendritic cells for the development of new nano-HIV vaccines.
    Coordinator: Maria Angeles Munoz Fernandez (Spain)
    French coordinator: Jean Pierre Majoral 2010-2012

  • Agreement Institut Inanotech (Rabat Morocco) – LCC.
    Coordinator: Jean Pierre Majoral 2009-2014

  • Network COST TD0802 Biodendrimers: Biomedical applications of dendrimers.
    Coordinator: Barbara Klajnert (Poland)
    Jean-Pierre Majoral (MC) Anne-Marie Caminade (MC Substitute) 2009-2013

  • ANR International French-German GLOBUCAT: Environmental friendly homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis.
    French coordinator: Jean Pierre Majoral (Oliver Reiser in Germany) 2009-2012

  • Network COST CM0802 PhoSciNet: Phosphorus Science Network.
    Coordinator: Evamarie Hey-Hawkins (Germany)
    Vice-leader Working Group 4: Anne-Marie Caminade 2008-2012

  • Network LIA LCMMF: Morocco-French Molecular Chemistry Laboratory.
    Coordinator: Jean-Jacques Bonnet (Toulouse)
    Team manager: Anne-Marie Caminade 2008-2015

  • ANR Physic and Chemistry of life PCV BIODENDRIDOT: Fluorescent nano-molecules for medical and biological imaging.
    Coordinator: Anne-Marie Caminade 2007-2010

  • Network LEA LTPMM: Trans-Pyrenean Laboratory: from molecule to materials.
    Coordinator: Antoine Baceiredo (Toulouse)
    Team Manager: Anne-Marie Caminade 2006-2013

  • Contract IFP (Institut Français du Pétrole)
    Anne-Marie Caminade 2007-2008