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Metals in biology and medicinal chemistry Plaquette de l'équipe

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Genevieve Pratviel’s group is focused on the understanding at the molecular level of the processes involving metal ions in biology especially when they are related to health.

Currently, team’s projects deal with :
● (i) implication of the redox reactivity of metal ions in the mechanism of action of drugs
● (ii) disruption of metal homeostasis leading to oxidative damage and cell dysfunction
● (iii) the structural and functional role of metal ions in proteins and protein models.

These projects link fundamental research to applications in biotechnology and drug design in the field of cancer, infectious diseases (tuberculosis, malaria, leishmaniasis,…) and Alzheimer disease.

The team, at the interface between biology and chemistry, is composed of chemists, pharmacists, and biochemists. The team has a strong know-how in organic synthesis, biomimetic catalysis, synthesis of polymer models of proteins, preparation of metal complexes, reactivity of metal complexes and experiments with biological material.