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Molecules and materials

  • Activity

The "Molecules and Materials" team is interested in the preparation, the study of the physical properties and the applications of nano-objects of molecular (super)conductors (charge transfer or mixed valence compounds). The latter are predominantly based on organic building blocks such as tetrathiafulvalene (or its derivatives) or metal complexes (with ligands dithiolates, dicyanamides, thiocyanates…).

Two synthetic routes are mainly developed (chemical or electrochemical) and the size control to nanometric dimensions is carried out using various structuring/stabilizing media (ionic liquids, neutral or charged amphiphilic molecules, polymers, zwitterions).

The fundamental physical studies (e.g. superconductivity) and the evaluation of nanomaterials in applications such as electromagnetic shielding or thermoelectricity are performed after their processing (thin films, dispersion in a matrix, composites).

  • Responsable/Manager

Dominique DE CARO