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Unsaturated molecules for physics, biology and chemistry

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The group "Unsaturated molecules for physics, biology and chemistry" develops four research themes relevant of four distinct domains :

1- organic chemistry for physics : carbo-meric chromophores and conducting molecules
2- organic chemistry for biology : antitumor alkynylcarbinol pharmacophores
3- theoretical and mathematical chemistry : the chemical bond, typology and modelling
4- coordination chemistry and catalysis : extreme phospho-carbon (chiral) ligands

The investigations are performed not only at LCC, but also in collaboration "on site" in two research outposts hosted by external institutes (see Themes section).
(i) SPCMIB Laboratory in Toulouse (UMR 5068) on Theme 2.
(ii) School of Biomedical Sciences in Xiamen (Huaqiao University, China) on Theme 4

About fifteen collaborations are currently active.
Institutional relationships are maintained with the Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev and other research institutes in Ukraine.

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