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Early transition metals

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The research activities of the group are divided into two main parts which complement each other.

The first one is devoted to the molecular chemistry of Early Transition Metals (ETM) complexes but also more recently of the s-block metals. It is the heart of our activity. These electropositive metals have unique properties that justify the existence of the group.

The second part expands upon our ability to synthesize highly fluorinated ligands and highly electron-withdrawing complexes of copper and silver. These complexes are catalysts for the functionalization of alkanes including methane.

We focus our studies on the design of new ligand sets and complexes with the following goals :

- tuning and controlling the dynamic of coordinated alkyl groups. This include the study of the rare C-C agostic interactions

- synthetic and mechanistic studies aimed at understanding new pathways for the activation of strong bonds such as C-H or C-F bonds and more recently N2

- synthesizing unusual types of complexes ie complexes of small molecules, rare oxidation states, etc.. Imido complexes are a special focus

- applying this intimate knowledge to develop efficient well-defined catalysts for the polymerization or oligomerization of olefins and the functionalization of alkanes

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