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Engineering of metal nanoparticles Plaquette de l'équipe

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The research activities of the "Engineering of Metal Nanoparticles" team are focused on the synthèse contrôlée of complex nanoparticles and nanomaterials of metals and/or metal oxides, their organization and the study of their chemical and physical properties for applications in various fields. With a contribution in the large area of nanosciences and nanochemistry, our projects concern both the fundamental aspects of the growth of nanoparticles and nanomaterials as well as their applications in different domains such as microelectronics, catalysis, energy or health.

The team has developed an efficient synthesis method, in solution or on support and in mild conditions , to produce nanoparticles of metals or metal oxides from organometallic precursors. The characterization of these nano-objects is performed through the use of a combination of techniques from materials chemistry (high resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy, X-rays diffraction and X-rays scatterring, EXAFS, …) as well as spectroscopic techniques from molecular chemistry (UV-Visible, Infra-Red, solution and solid-state NMR, Raman…).

We are interested in controlling the growth and the surface chemistry of nano-objects (control of the shape, organization, composition and functionalization of the metallic surface by addition of ligands) as well as in studying the influence of the surface chemistry of nanoparticles on their chemical properties (reactivity) and physical properties (magnetism, optical, electronic…). Our research activities are directed towards applications in diverse domains like catalysis (colloïdal and supported), health (biomedicine), or micro-electronics (conducting metallic layers ). As an example, results from our team led to a transfer of technology in the field of gas sensors.