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Thermal analysis

  • Overview

The thermal analysis service is dedicated to the characterization of materials or chemical compounds as a function of temperature under an inert or oxidizing gas.

The thermal analysis service is available for researchers and students of LCC, but also for university and private laboratories.

It is managed by an Assistant Engineer who assures the realization of the analyses, the treatment of the results, as well as the maintenance of the instruments.
This service is equipped with a SETARAM 92-16.18 thermobalance, coupled to a LEYBOLD QX2000 quadrupole mass spectrometer, which allows the analysis of gaseous effluents during the decomposition of the compounds. It is also equipped with a DSC204 NETZSCH Differential Scanning Calorimeter for enthalpy, specific heat and glassy transition measurements of the materials. The samples can be solids, powders, or solutions.

  • Supervisor

Stephanie SEYRAC