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Electronic microscopy

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The service places at the disposal of the private or institutional researchers the material, the personnel and the knowledge to realise electrochemical techniques. A planning of the experiments is established by the person in charge for the service which possibly takes part in in the analysis of the results. The cost of measurement is estimated according to the products used, the selected electrochemical methods and assigned time.

Electron Microscopy Service of LCC was created in June 2002 to support the development of increasingly marked thematic laboratory to materials science and thus to meet a growing demand for this type of characterization.
Electron microscopy allows the characterization of nano-objects, thin film … until the nanoscale : microstructure, crystal structure, chemical composition.
Application areas in LCC : nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, peptides, dendrimers, bloodsucking parasites, ionic liquids, metal complexes, metal materials, deposition on the substrate, ceramics, composites, organic-inorganic hybrids.


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