Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination UPR 8241


Emmanuel GRAS


After initial training in General and Organic Chemistry at the University of Orleans, I finally graduated from the Université of Paris Orsay in 1997. Then, I engaged in a PhD program at Orsay funded by the french government and carried out my research at the I.C.S.N. in Gif-sur-Yvette under the joint supervision of Claude Thal and Catherine Guillou. Our work was dedicated to the synthesis of Amaryllidaceae Alkaloids from the Galanthamine family. The formation of the quaternary carbon of these alkaloids was investigated following different paths (i) spirocyclisation of biaryl phenate ; (ii) the use of hypervalent iodine for oxidative spirocyclisation and (iii) Heck cyclisation.
Following this PhD, I moved to the University of Oxford to explore in the group of Prof. David M. Hodgson the chemistry of lithiated epoxides with the support of a Marie Curie Fellowship. We more specifically focused our attention on finding ways to avoid the "facile" rearrangement of medium ring lithiated epoxide through a CH insertion in a carbenoid type chemistry. We established a way to generate and trap the lithiated epoxide allowing to access chiral oxiranes from meso compounds.
Following this two years in the UK, I moved back to France after being given a CNRS position in Toulouse where the story continues… (see below !)



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