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HUREAU-SABATER Christelle (44 years old)

Team leader of the “Alzheimer and amyloids”

Coordination Chemistry Lab - UPR 8241
205 Route de Narbonne
31077 Toulouse - Cedex 04 - France
(+33) 5 61 33 31 62
[christelle.hureau chez]

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A team website is under construction, with a release date in July 2021.



Stefaniak, E., Atrian-Blasco, E., Goch, W., Sabater, L., Hureau, C., & Bal, W. (2021). The aggregation pattern of Aβ1–40 is altered by the presence of N-truncated Aβ4–40 and/or CuII in a similar way through ionic interactions. Chem. – Eur. J., 27(8), 2798–2809.


Esmieu, C., Guettas, D., Conte-Daban, A., Sabater, L., Faller, P., & Hureau, C. (2019). Copper-targeting approaches in alzheimer’s disease: how to improve the fallouts obtained from in vitro studies. Inorg. Chem., 58(20), 13509–13527.


Ledesma, G. N., Anxolabehere-Mallart, E., Sabater, L., Hureau, C., & Signorella, S. R. (2018). Functional modeling of the MnCAT active site with a dimanganese(III) complex of an unsymmetrical polydentate N3O3 ligand. J. Inorg. Biochem., 186, 10–16.


Sabater, L., Fang, P. - J., Chang, C. - F., De Rache, A., Prado, E., Dejeu, J., Garofalo, A., Lin, J. - H., Mergny, J. - L., Defrancq, E., & Pratviel, G. (2015). Cobalt(iii)porphyrin to target G-quadruplex DNA. Dalton Transactions, 44, 3701–3707.
Sabater, L., Nicolau-Travers, M. - L., De Rache, A., Prado, E., Dejeu, J., Bombarde, O., Lacroix, J., Calsou, P., Defrancq, E., Mergny, J. - L., Gomez, D., & Pratviel, G. (2015). The nickel(II) complex of guanidinium phenyl porphyrin, a specific G-quadruplex ligand, targets telomeres and leads to POT1 mislocalization in culture cells. J. Biol. Inorg. Chem., 20(4), 729–738.


Romera, C., Sabater, L., Garofalo, A., Dixon, I. M., & Pratviel, G. (2010). Interaction of cationic nickel and manganese porphyrins with the minor groove of DNA. Inorganic Chemistry, 49, 8558–8567.


Hureau, C., Coppel, Y., Dorlet, P., Solari, P. L., Sayen, S., Guillon, E., Sabater, L., & Faller, P. (2009). Deprotonation of the Asp1-Ala2 peptide bond induces modification of the dynamic copper(II) environment in the amyloid-beta peptide near physiological pH. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition, 48, 9522–9525.