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  • Research Themes of the G2SP Group :

The Group of Synthesis of Porphyrinic Systems (G2SP) focus on the conception, the synthesis and the studies of the characteristics of novel nano-structures based on porphyrins and usable as molecular devices. In order to elaborate new materials, three different and complementary research themes are developed.

  • 1. Molecular Wires with Pendant Porphyrins : (pdf)
    Studies of exciton migration, conception of redox molecular switches and of novel type of glues.
  • 2. Arborescent Multi-Porphyrins and Supramolecular Devices : (pdf)
    Mimicking of the antenna effect of the photosynthetic system.
  • 3. Bis-Porphyrinic Cofacial Tweezers : (pdf)
    Self-assembling and molecular recognition by host/guest interactions.


  • Spreading of Scientific Information :
  • Meeting Organization :
    Organization, every year, with Professor Karl Kadish (University of Houston, Texas) of a symposium entitled "Porphyrins and Supramolecular Assemblies" under the auspices of the Fullerenes Division at the Annual Meeting of the ElectroChemical Society (ECS).
  • Video Report :
    Participation to the elaboration of a video report entitled "Young Researchers in Alsace" produced by ULP-Multimédia. This video report has been broadcast on the occasion of the Science Festival in october 2002.
  • Books :
    Writing of two chapters of books intended to Physics and Chemistry Master Students.


Books available as French Version edited by Belin :



  • Current Composition and Historical Record of the Group : (pdf)
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    Group of Synthesis of Porphyrinic Systems (G2SP)
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