LCC teachers provide courses in 3 establishments:

      • Paul Sabatier University
      • ENSIACET
      • IUT Castres

1/ Université Paul Sabatier

Paul Sabatier University

Bachelor of Chemistry
The chemistry license includes 4 courses

  • Molecular chemistry
  • Materials chemistry
  • Chemistry of physico-chemical processes
  • Special course (students aiming for long studies and a doctorate)


Masters in Chemistry
The mention trains chemists in sectors of activity such as the pharmaceutical industry, agrifood, the environment, cosmetics, parachemistry, detergents, materials and instrumentation.

The Chemistry master offers a progressive orientation in 7 courses:


Master Materials
The materials option trains chemists in the scientific and technological aspects of the development, implementation, control and monitoring of materials: metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, geomaterials, powders, massive parts, thin layers, coatings, nanomaterials and multimaterials.

The master has 3 courses

  • Materials: Elaboration, Characterization and Surface Treatments
  • Materials and Structures for Aeronautics and Space
  • Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (Erasmus mundus)


Rangueil Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

IUT Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, Albi, Auch, Castres)


The school is divided into 5 departments and offers numerous training courses (

LCC teacher-researchers provide teaching in 4 departments: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials and Process Engineering.


3/ IUT Castres

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Laboratoire de chimie de coordination du CNRS

205 route de Narbonne, BP 44099
31077 Toulouse cedex 4

+ 33 5 61 33 31 00