Molecular and Supramolecular Materials (Team S)



The research projects developed by the research group Molecular and Supramolecular Materials focus on the design of molecular organizations with workable chemical, physical and/or structural properties. Such features confer an identity to the chemical object that becomes material. Our approach towards supramolecular materials is based on the assembling of pre-formed molecular building blocks by the means of coordination chemistry or charge-assisted H-bonding.

At the interface between chemistry and physic, we take advantage of electronic properties (exchange interaction, magnetic anisotropy, luminescence) of transition or rare-earth ions coordination compounds to achieve magnetic materials such as Single Molecule Magnet (SMM) or Single Chain Magnet (SCM).

We explore also an original approach towards microporous solids using ionic hydrogen bonding as a cement for open 3D architectures.

Our works grow around three themes:

  1. Anisotropic magnetic materials (SMM, SCM),
  2. Multifunctional molecular magnets (multiferroic and magneto-optics),
  3. Porous supramolecular architectures.

    Members of the team


    Research topics

    Anisotropic magnetic materials

    Multifunctional molecular magnets

    Supramolecular porous architectures

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    Pentagonal bipyramidal 3 d-metal complexes derived from a dimethylcarbamoyl-substituted pentadentate-[N3O2] ligand: Aiming for increased solubility
    Jubault V., Genevois F., Pradines B., Cahier B., Jbeli W., Suaud N., Guihéry N., Duhayon C., Pichon C., Sutter J.-P.
    ChemistrySelect 2023, 8(4), e202204935/1-10.


    Blue-emitting ligand-mediated assembly of rare-earth MOFs toward white-light emission, sensing, magnetic, and catalytic studies
    Manna K., Sutter J.-P., Natarajan S.
    Inorganic Chemistry 2022, 61(42), 16770-16785.

    Cu-Ln complexes involving non-symmetrical ligands able to introduce asymmetric centres in the vicinity of Ln ions
    Zohra Chiboub Fellah F., Duhayon C., Mallet-Ladeira S., Vendier L., Costes J.-P.
    Polyhedron 2022, 224116015/1-9.

    Perspective: Molecular transistors as substitutes for quantum information applications
    Dhingra A., Hu X. B., Borunda M. F., Johnson J. F., Binek C., Bird J., N’Diaye A. T., Sutter J.-P., Delahaye E., Switzer E. D., del Barco E., Rahman T. S., Dowben P. A.
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 2022, 34(44), 441501/1-10.

    Modulation of the sorption characteristics for an H-bonded porous architecture by varying the chemical functionalization of the channel walls
    Roques N., Tovar-Molle A., Duhayon C., Brandès S., Spieß A., Janiak C., Sutter J.-P.
    Chemistry – A European Journal, 2022, 28(61), e202201935/1-10.

    Rigid N3O2-pentadentate ligand-assisted octacoordinate mononuclear Ln(III) complexes: Syntheses, characterization, and slow magnetization relaxation
    Singh V., Das D., Anga S., Sutter J.-P., Chandrasekhar V., Bar A. K.
    ACS Omega 2022, 7(29), 25881-25890.

    A new nitronyl-nitroxide ligand for designing binuclear LnIII complexes: Syntheses, crystal structures, magnetic and EPR studies
    Răducă M., Martins D. O. T. A., Spinu C. A., Hillebrand M., Tuna F., Ionita G., Mădălan A. M., Lecourt C., Sutter J.-P., Andruh M.
    European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2022, 2022(16), e202200128/1-12.

    Supramolecular heptanuclear Ln–Cu complexes involving nitronyl nitroxide biradicals: structure and magnetic behavior
    Xi L., Jin C.-Y., Song H.-W., Wang X.-T., Li L.-C., Sutter J.-P.
    Dalton Transactions 2022, 51(22), 6955-6963.

    Structural determinations and magnetic properties of a “chiral at metal” complex and its resulting [Cu–Ln]2 compounds
    Costes J.-P., Duhayon C., Vendier L., Wernsdorfer W.
    Dalton Transactions 2022, 51(7), 2805-2814.

    Magnetic anisotropy of transition metal and lanthanide ions in pentagonal bipyramidal geometry
    Sutter J.-P., Béreau V., Jubault V., Bretosh K., Pichon C., Duhayon C.
    Chemical Society Reviews 2022, 51(8), 3280-3313.

    Structurally characterised new twisted conformer for cyclen, controlled by metal ion complexation as seen in NiII and CuII complexes with halides and pseudohalides
    Verma A., Bhuvanesh N., Reibenspies J., Tayade S. B., Kumbhar A. S., Bretosh K., Sutter J.-P., Sunkari S. S.
    CrystEngComm 2022, 24(1), 119-131.


    Discrete versus 1D compounds based on pentagonal bipyramid coordination geometries: A matter of solubility?
    Pichon C., Duhayon C., Delahaye E., Sutter J.-P.
    European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2021, 2021(48), 5112-5118.

    Trinuclear cyanido-bridged [Cr2Fe] complexes: To be or not to be a single-molecule magnet, a matter of straightness
    Pichon C., Suaud N., Jubault V., Duhayon C., Guihéry N., Sutter J.-P.
    Chemistry – A European Journal 2021, 27(62), 15484-15495.

    A metal-radical hetero-tri-spin SCM with methyl–pyrazole–nitronyl nitroxide bridges
    Huang X., Wang K., Han J., Xie J., Li L., Sutter J.-P.
    Dalton Transactions 2021, 50(34), 11992-11998.

    Octahedral hexachloro environment of Dy3+ with slow magnetic relaxation and luminescent properties
    Benamara N., Diop M., Leuvrey C., Lenertz M., Gilliot P., Gallart M., Bolvin H., Setifi F., Rogez G., Rabu P., Delahaye E.
    European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2021, 2021(22), 2099-2107.

    Synthesis, crystal structure, magnetic, spectroscopic, and theoretical investigations of two new nitronyl-nitroxide complexes
    Spinu C. A., Pichon C., Ionita G., Mocanu T., Calancea S., Raduca M., Sutter J.-P., Hillebrand M., Andruh M.
    Journal of Coordination Chemistry 2021, 74(1-3), 279-293.

    Stuffed tridymite structures: Synthesis, structure, second harmonic generation, optical, and multiferroic properties
    Bhim A., Sutter J.-P., Gopalakrishnan J., Natarajan S.
    Chemistry – A European Journal 2021, 27(6), 1995-2008.

    Accessing water processable cyanido bridged chiral heterobimetallic Co(II)–Fe(III) one dimensional network
    Choudhury A., Pichon C., Sutter J.-P., Pamu D., Sarma B., Mudoi P. P., Gogoi N.
    Chemical Communications 2021, 57(2), 207-210.


    Concomitant emergence of circularly polarized luminescence and single-molecule magnet behavior in chiral-at-metal Dy complex
    El Rez B., Liu J., Béreau V., Duhayon C., Horino Y., Suzuki T., Coolen L., Sutter J.-P.
    Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 2020, 7(22), 4527-4534.

    Crystal structure and magnetic properties of Peacock–Weakley type polyoxometalates Na9[Ln(W5O18)2] (Ln = Tm, Yb): Rare Example of Tm(III) SMM
    Mariichak O. Y., Kaabel S., Karpichev Y. A., Rozantsev G. M., Radio S. V., Pichon C., Bolvin H., Sutter J.-P.
    Magnetochemistry 2020, 6(4), 53/1-14.

    Molybdenum(III) thiocyanate- and selenocyanate-based one-dimensional heteronuclear polymers: Coordination affinity-controlled assemblage of mixed spin and mixed valence derivatives with Ni(II) and Co(II/III)
    Mousavi M., Duhayon C., Bretosh K., Béreau V., Sutter J. P.
    Inorganic Chemistry 2020, 59(11), 7603-7613.

    Single-chain magnet behavior in a 2p–3d–4f spin array with a nitronyl nitroxide biradical
    Sun J., Xie J., Li L., Sutter J. P.
    Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 2020, 7(9), 1949-1956.

    Pentagonal bipyramidal Ln(III) complexes containing an axial phosphine oxide ligand: Field-induced single-ion magnetism behavior of the Dy(III) analogues
    Kalita P., Ahmed N., Bar A. K., Dey S., Jana A., Rajaraman G., Sutter J. P., Chandrasekhar V.
    Inorganic Chemistry 2020, 59(9), 6603-6612.

    A ferromagnetic Ni(II)–Cr(III) single-chain magnet based on pentagonal bipyramidal building units
    Bretosh K., Béreau V., Duhayon K., Pichon C., Sutter J. P.
    Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 2020, 71503-1511.

    Role of the main and auxiliary ligands in the nuclearity of Cu-Ln complexes
    Costes J.-P., Rodriguez Douton M.-J., Shova S., Vendier L.
    European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2020, 2020(4), 382-393.


    Mononuclear lanthanide complexes containing [O-O]-chelating sulfonylamidophosphate type ligands
    Prytula-Kurkunova A. Y., Pichon C., Duhayon C., Amirkhanov V. M., Sutter J. P.
    European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2019, (42), 4592-4596.

    Controlled growth of Ag nanocrystals in a H-bonded open framework
    Khodja W., Collière V., Kahn M. L., Roques N., Sutter J.-P.
    Chemistry – A European Journal 2019, 25(60), 13705-13708.

    Contribution of 155Gd Mössbauer data to the study of the magnetic interaction in heterodinuclear 3d–Gd (3d = Cu, Ni) coordination complexes
    Ayabe T., Costes J.-P., Vendier L., Geist A., Takeda M., Takahashi M.
    Dalton Transactions 2019, 48(20), 6872-6878.

    Effects of the exchange coupling on dynamic properties in a series of CoGdCo complexes
    Costes J.-P., Novitchi G., Vieru V., Chibotaru L. F., Duhayon C., Vendier L., Majoral J.-P., Wernsdorfer W.
    Inorganic Chemistry 2019, 58(1), 756-768.

    Improved single-chain-magnet behavior in a biradical-based nitronyl nitroxide-Cu–Dy chain
    Xie J., Li H.-D., Yang M., Sun J., Li L.-C., Sutter J.-P.
    Chemical Communications 2019, 55(23), 3398-3401.

    Template directed synthesis of half condensed Schiff base complexes of Cu(II) and Co(III): Structural and magnetic studies
    Pandey P., Verma A., Bretosh K., Sutter J.-P., Sunkari S. S.
    Polyhedron 2019, 164, 80-89.

    Use of 155Gd, 151Eu, 166Er Mössbauer spectroscopy to characterize heterodinuclear Ln–Ln′ complexes
    Costes J.-P., Nicodème F., Ayabe T., Takeda M., Takahashi M.
    Polyhedron 2019, 174, 114154/1-6.

    Influence of ancillary ligands and solvents on the nuclearity of Ni–Ln complexes
    Costes J.-P., Mallet-Ladeira S., Vendier L., Maurice R., Wernsdorfer W.
    Dalton Transactions 2019, 48(10), 3404-3414.


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    Permanent staff
    Maritie Garnier (2018-2019)
    Dr. Jean-Pierre Costes (2013)

    Post-docs and ATER
    Constance Lecourt (01/2021- 06/2021)
    Mathilde Boce (12/2018-05/2019)
    Raphaël Nougue (02/2018-01/2019)
    Arun Bar (2013-2015)
    Fatéma Chiboub (06/2010-08/2010 et 11/2010-12/2010)
    Nayan Gogoi (2009-2011)
    Nicolas Bréfuel (2006-2007)
    Venkatakrishnan Thengarai (2005-2007)
    Franck Thetiot (2005-2007)

    PhD students (year of PhD defensis)
    Valentin Jubault (2022)
    Kateryna Bretosh (2019)
    Walid Khodja (2019)
    Marion Gualino-Tamonino (2015)
    Bahjat El Rez (2015)
    Mahmoud Maksoud (2013)
    Georges Mouchaham (2012)
    Maliheh Mousavi (2011)
    Julie Milon (2008)

    M2 students
    Yuliia Oleski (2022)
    Femi Tharakan (2022)
    François Genevois (2022)
    Anthony Tovar-Molle (2019)
    Akane Okunage (2019)
    Andrii Zhluktar (2018)
    Dominique Stein (2016)
    Rana Hamze (2016)
    Mehrez Thlijeni (2012)
    Bahjat Elrez (2011)
    Georges Mouchaham (2009)
    Mohammad El Ezzi (2009)
    Cyril Tinguely (2005)

    M1 students
    Maxime Provost (2021)
    Samy Aïssou (2019)
    Anthony Tovar-Molle (2018)
    Karisma Patel (2017)
    Shinozuke Miyamoto (2017)
    Ayaka Sera (2013)
    Hamza Alkhazraji (2009)
    Sébastien Dehrs (2009)

    L1-L3 students
    Antonin Dufour (2022)
    Mary Tabut (2021)
    Sébastien Dehrs (2007 et 2008)
    Damien Villenave (2007)
    Elias Castel (2007)
    Mélanie Bousquet (2007)
    Komla Ako (2007)
    Mélanie Ferrié (2006)

    Visiting scholar
    Bohuslav Drahoš (2022)
    Wejden Jbebli (2020)
    Souhir Haddaoui (2020)
    Cristiab Spinu (2020)
    Mihai Raduca (2020)
    Djaafar Meziani (2016)
    Angelina Pritula (2014 et 2015)
    Monia Hamdouni (2011 et 2012)
    Traian Pasatoiu (2008 et 2009)
    Emi Evangelio (2006 et 2008)


    Laboratoire de chimie de coordination du CNRS

    205 route de Narbonne, BP 44099
    31077 Toulouse cedex 4

    + 33 5 61 33 31 00