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An expertise in molecular chemistry of transition-metal and main group elements with specific research interests in fine chemistry, including catalysis, bio-inorganic chemistry, and new materials.

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Seminar Dr Jean-Philippe RAMEAU

Sanofi Research & Development
“A.I. Driven Drug Discovery”

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The Toulouse Scientific Day of Chemistry, Biology, and Health care

The next “Journée scientifique toulousaine de Chimie-Biologie-Santé” (JCBS) will be held on Friday, April 21, 2023, at the Fernand Gallais room in the Laboratory of coordination chemistry. This free and […]

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Dans le cover de New Journal of Chemistry
Ru nanoparticles supported on alginate-derived graphene as hybrid electrodes for the hydrogen evolution reaction
LCC_CNRS photo
Highlighting also today #spincrossover of #iron (II) complex under pressure in @InorgChem by @DamianPaliwoda et al. from @LCC_CNRS

Pressure Tuning of Coupled Structural and Spin State Transitions in the Molecular Complex [Fe(H2B(pz)2)2(phen)]

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