Chemical analysis


C H N Elemental Analysis

C H N elemental analysis determines carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen composition of a substance. It certifies its structure and purity. The results are given in mass percentage and repeated twice with an accuracy of 0.4%.

The CHN analyzer allows the characterization of organic compounds, polymers and inorganic compounds with an organic part. The samples can be of natural origin (plants, soils) or produced by chemical synthesis.

The quantity of sample to be provided is 10 mg, preferably in the form of a homogeneous powder for better repeatability. Liquids are accepted if they are not volatile.

Service members

BORGET Isabelle
Responsable de service

BORGET Isabelle

Responsable de service

BORGET Isabelle





  • Perkin Elmer 2400 Series II Flash Combustion Analyzer

Combustion of the sample under the supply of oxygen and separation by gas phase chromatography under a helium stream into simple gases CO2, H2O and N2 for katharometric detection.


  • Bell under Argon

For conditioning samples sensitive to air or humidity.



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