Electron microscopy


Service overview

The Service uses the Raimond Castaing microcharaterization center (UAR 3623) located on the Montaudran site which brings together and pools complementary technical and scientific skills currently dispersed on the Toulouse site.

Service members

Responsable microscopie électronique


Responsable microscopie électronique


Email: vincent.colliere(at)lcc-toulouse.fr




The center includes 7 Electron Microscopy equipment as well as preparation equipment accessible at the LCC:

  • 2 field emission scanning electron microscopes
    Jéol JSM 6700F et Jéol 7800F
  • 5 transmission electron microscopes
    Jéol JEM 1011 (100kV), Jéol JEM 1400 (120kV), Jéol JEM 1400 Flash (120kV), Jéol JEM 2100F (200kV, EDX,STEM), Jéol JEM ARM200F (200kV, EDX,STEM HAADF, EELS).



As head of the microscopy department at the LCC, I ensure, for the LCC staff, the organization of all the work carried out at the Raimond Castaing microcharaterization center (scanning and transmission electron microscopy). I carry out all the specific work requiring high resolution, electronic diffraction, X-ray analysis, cartography, etc.


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Origin of the synergistic effect between TiO2 crystalline phases in the Ni/TiO2-catalyzed CO2 methanation reaction
Messou, Davina; Bernardin, Vincent; Meunier, Frederic; Ordono, Marta Borges; Urakawa, Atsushi; Machado, Bruno F.; Colliere, Vincent; Philippe, Regis; Serp, Philippe; Le Berre, Carole    
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Oxidation of methane to methanol over Pd@Pt nanoparticles under mild conditions in water Chen, Jianjun; Wang, Sikai; Peres, Laurent; Colliere, Vincent; Philippot, Karine; Lecante, Pierre; Chen, Yaoqiang; Yan, Ning
Catalysis Science & Technology (2021), 11(10), 3493-3500

Catalysis to discriminate single atoms from subnanometric ruthenium particles in ultra-high loading catalysts
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Catalysis science & technology (2020)10 (14) ,4673-4683

Straightforward synthesis of gold nanoparticles by adding water to an engineered small dendrimer 

Gottis, Sebastien; Laurent, Regis; Colliere, Vincent; Caminade, Anne-Marie
Journal of Nanotechnology (2020), 11, 1110-1118.

Reorganization of a photosensitive carbo-​benzene layer in a triptych nanocatalyst with enhancement of the photocatalytic hydrogen production from water

Assi, Hala; Cocq, Kevin; Cure, Jeremy; Casterou, Gerald; Castello Lux, Kevin; Colliere, Vincent; Vendier, Laure; Fau, Pierre; Maraval, Valerie; Fajerwerg, Katia; et al
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Controlled Growth of Ag Nanocrystals in a H-​Bonded Open Framework 

Khodja, Walid; Colliere, Vincent; Kahn, Myrtil L.; Roques, Nans; Sutter, Jean-Pascal
Chemistry – A European Journal (2019), 25(60), 13705-13708.

Urea-​assisted cooperative assembly of phosphorus dendrimer-​zinc oxide hybrid nanostructures 

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Journal of Chemistry (2019), 43(5), 2141-2147.

π-​Stacking Interactions of Graphene-​Coated Cobalt Magnetic Nanoparticles with Pyrene-​Tagged Dendritic Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride) 

Folgado, Enrique; Guerre, Marc; Mimouni, Nidhal; Colliere, Vincent; Bijani, Christian; Moineau-Chane Ching, Kathleen; Caminade, Anne-Marie; Ladmiral, Vincent; Ameduri, Bruno; Ouali, Armelle.
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Light-driven water oxidation using hybrid photosensitizer-decorated Co3O4 nanoparticles
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Ligand-​Capped Ru Nanoparticles as Efficient Electrocatalyst for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

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Selective ligand-free cobalt-catalysed reduction of esters to aldehydes or alcohol   
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A porous Ru nanomaterial as efficient electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction in acid and neutral conditions
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Alkyl phosphonic acid-based ligands as tools for converting hydrophobic iron nanoparticules into water soluble iron-iron oxude core-shell nanoparticules
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Remarkable Decrease in the Oxidation Rate of Cu Nanocrystals Controlled by Alkylamine Ligands
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J. Phys. Chem. C (2017), 121(9), 5253-5260


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