3rd summer school “Catalysis: from understanding to application” in Albi: a great event!


Summer school “Catalysis: from understanding to application”

The objective of this Summer School is to present catalysis as a tool of preference for the development of sustainable processes, respectful to the environment. Catalysis is indeed at the heart of Green Chemistry: atom economy, selectivity and energy economy, transformation of raw materials into targeted products.
This Summer School is particularly dedicated to PhD students, Post-docs, Master students, but also to academic and industrial engineers and researchers.  

The third edition of this summer school, held in Albi from 17 to 21 June 2024, was a great success.

  • 69 people attended from 19 different countries: Brazil – Belgium – Colombia – Denmark – Finland – France – India – Israel – Italy – Luxembourg – Mexico – Netherlands – Portugal – South Africa – Spain – Switzerland – Thailand – United Kingdom – Vietnam
  • 16 European guest teachers

This summer school, organised by Catalysis@Toulouse group, is held every two years and is open to all.

Eric Manoury Eric.Manoury(at)lcc-toulouse.fr
Philippe Serp Philippe.Serp(at)lcc-toulouse.fr


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