Dr. Anne Marie Caminade has been awarded the SCF Achille le Bel Grand Prize.


On January 23, 2023, Anne-Marie Caminade received the French Chemical Society’s Grand Prix Achille le Bel.

The Grand Prix Achille le Bel honors internationally renowned works that are included in the activities of the French Chemical Society (SCF).


This year’s recipient is Anne-Marie Caminade, director of exceptional research at Toulouse’s Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry (LCC-CNRS), where she has served as director adjoint since 2021.

His name is immediately connected to the dendrimer industry, where she has been and continues to be one of the most prolific people in the world.

She is the source of phosphorus dendrimers, on which she has been able to conduct a very significant and high-quality fundamental research before demonstrating the wide range of applications of these species in fields as diverse as catalysis (metal or organic), materials science, and biology/nanomedicine.

She maintains numerous national and international collaborations for this purpose.


Website of the SCF: Anne-Marie Caminade is the 2021 winner of the Grand Prix Achille le Bel

The French Chemical Society’s Grand Prix Achille le Bel was presented to Anne-Marie Caminade on January 23, 2023, by SCF President Stanislas Pommeret and DCO President Emmanuelle Schulz.


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