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Seminar (2) Pr Evamarie HEY-HAWKINS

Wednesday 22 November 2023 de 11:00 - 12:00

Better Together! Phosphorus Meets Carborane

Prof. Dr. Evamarie Hey-Hawkins
Leipzig University, Germany


Phosphorus Icosahedral dicarba-closo-dodecaboranes (carboranes) provide an excellent scaffold for phosphines due to their unusual steric (bulky, flexible C-C bond in ortho-carborane) and electronic properties. Thus, the carboranyl backbone allows the targeted synthesis of four- and five-membered phosphorus-containing heterocycles featuring endocyclic P–P bonds, which are difficult to obtain via other routes. 1,2-Bisphosphanyl-substituted ortho-carboranes, the precursors for 1,2-diphosphetanes (Figure 1), 1,2,3-triphospholanes, 1,2,3-triphospholanides, and other carboranylsubstituted heterocycles will be discussed.[1]

Furthermore, phosphines containing Ccarboranyl substituents tend to be electron-poor, while B9-connected carboranylphosphines have in fact shown to be electron-rich (Figure 2), surpassing the donor strength of alkyl phosphines and even commonly used N-heterocyclic carbenes.[2]

In this presentation, the influence of the carboranyl backbone in ring-opening reactions, redox reactions, including formation of phosphoniumyl radical cations, and selected examples of coordination chemistry will be covered.[2,3]


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Wednesday 22 November 2023
11:00 - 12:00


Dr Eric Manoury


Salle Gallais, LCC
205 Rte de Narbonne
Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées 31400 France
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