Exchange agreement between LCC, UPS and INSAT, University of Carthage, Tunisia


An exchange agreement is signed between the LCC, UPS and INSAT, University of Carthage, Tunisia.

On June 30, 2022, a memorandum of understanding was signed in Toulouse by Dr. Azzedine BOUSSEKSOU, director of the LCC, Prof. Jean-Marc Broto, president of the University of Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, Prof. Samir HAMZA, director of the National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (INSAT-Tunisia), and Prof. Nadia Mzoughi Aguir, president of the University of Carthage, Tunisia.

In particular, this agreement seeks to encourage INSAT engineering students’ participation in end-of-study projects (PFE) at the LCC in preparation for a potential PhD.


Signature de l'accord LCC, UT3, INSAT, université de Carthage - 27 juin 2022

Agreement signed by LCC, UT3, INSAT, and the University of Carthage on June 30, 2022


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