Induction ceremony of Anne-Marie Caminade at Academia Europaea


The induction ceremony of Anne-Marie Caminade, Director of Research Exceptional Class (DRCE CNRS) and Deputy Director of the Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry (LCC Toulouse), as a member of the Academia Europaea in the Chemical Sciences section, took place on October 10, 2023, in Munich.

This election by the Academy recognizes her outstanding work in the field of dendrimers, where she has been and remains the most productive individual globally. She is the originator of phosphorus dendrimers, on which she initially conducted highly significant and quality fundamental research. Subsequently, she demonstrated the extensive range of applications of these species in diverse areas such as catalysis (metallic or organic), materials science, and biology/nanomedicine.

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Anne-Marie Caminade : anne-marie.caminade(at)

Induction ceremony of Anne-Marie Caminade by Marja Makarow, President of Academia Europaea.


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