The Catalan-Sabatier Prize of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry was awarded to Anne-Marie Caminade


Anne-Marie Caminade awarded the Catalan-Sabatier Prize by the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry

The Catalan-Sabatier Prize, jointly instituted by the French Society of Chemistry and the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry, aims to reward scientific research of international renown carried out in France and Spain in one of its fields.

Anne-Marie Caminade, deputy director of the Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination (LCC-CNRS) in Toulouse since 2021, is a senior researcher (DRCE CNRS). She is the source of phosphorus dendrimers, on which she has been able to conduct a very significant and high-quality fundamental research before demonstrating the wide range of applications of these species in fields as diverse as catalysis (metal or organic), materials science, and biology/nanomedicine. She maintains numerous national and international collaborations for this purpose, notably with Spain.

Rosa-Maria Sebastian, Deputy Director of Research and Innovation at the Autonomous University of Barcelona ( in the middle) presents the prize to Anne-Marie Caminade with the presence of Jose Vidal-Gancedo, organiser of the EDEN IX conference.

This is the 3rd foreign chemical society to award a prize to Anne-Marie Caminade (Germany in 2022, Italy and Spain in 2024).
A well-deserved recognition of her work by foreign countries with which she has a long-standing working relationship!


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