To be or not molecular magnet


To be or not molecular magnet

@Pichon Céline et Sutter Jean-Pascal / LCC Toulouse

Molecular magnets are molecules that behave similarly to traditional magnets using daily. These molecules could serve as a support for data recording (“North-South” or “South-North” magnetization direction inducing a magnetic bistability). Recording medium made of these molecules would lead to storage densities unmatched by our current hard drives. Today, the very low operating temperatures of such magnet molecules are the main drawback to overcome to favor applications, and significant work on the design mobilize chemists in the field.

Our study reveals that deformations within such molecule lead to a reduction in its operating temperature. Supported by theoretical calculations, our observations show that the linearity of the bonds between the active constituents of the molecule (FeII and CrIII for the studied system) guarantees not only optimal communication between the metallic centers but also the greatest magnetic anisotropy. This work will help to better design of magnet molecular with improved properties.


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